Breezy Domains' Guarantees
At Breezy Domains we stand behind all your web hosting needs. We are so confident that you will be happy with the quality, reliability, and power of our hosting packages, we guarantee it.If you are looking further about the guarantees that we giving, you can find our technical guarantee, security and the real one support
Technical Guarantee
We breezy Domains guarantee the technical support on our web hosting plans. We will support PHP versions 4 and 5 in our linux server and .Net framework ranges from 1.1 to 3.5 in our windows server. In addition to this we have a highly equiped server support engineers who can give immedeate fixing of technical difficulties happend due to the server. We supports Flash and action script to run on our server. You will get maximum speed of downloading from our server.
Breezy Domains offering high degree of security for all the online applications , web services, portals and other web sites. We are giveing an optional Whois Privacy setting which allows you to hide your contact details. You can hide your whois details if you wish. We monitor our server from spamming. We provide latest anti-viruses which will secure your files from the attack of viruses.
Breezy Domains offering a tension free web hosting for its customers. With our quick response we offer web hosting services intersting to our customers. We guarantee 99 % uptime. Our Domain Panel can be accessed by our customers for free. Web sites hosted in our server will be monitored and our support team will inform you whether there is any problem occures with files residing in the server
  Domain Panel Features
  Breezy Domains' Domain Panel Allows its customers to login to the members are and configure its domains and web hosting configurations. Accsessing the domain panel is free for the customers who is registered with our quick registration. Authorised users of the Domain panel can be register new domain/subdomain and purchse new web spaces after getiing an idea of the features that we are offer
List out some of the Features of Domain Panel
  * Manage Domains and Create Subdomains.
* Register New Domains
* Modify Whois Details
* Modify FTP Details
* Create your Comments
* Create your FAQ
* Purchase Server Packages
* Online Payment and much more
BreezyDomains Web Hosting Control System
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